Newsletter: Career Stories // $14.2m Social Impact Bond // Blue Mountains Affordable Housing

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Welcome to our November newsletter where we bring you ‘Career Stories’ as a new regulary monthly feature.  Each month will feature an industry professional who has a great career story to tell!  We start this month with our very own Alyssa, who joined the BloomingHR team last month in the role of Recruitment and HR Consultant.

If you have a shining star in your organisation who has a great Career Story to tell, please get in touch with Rebecca Till via her email address ie

Affordability is back on the front pages this month, but let’s face it – it never really left the headlines.  It was heartwarming to see Wentworth CH in NSW looking at some really innovative ways to help increase the affordable supply (more details below).  A really interesting read this month was the Grattan Institute report which recommends a 40% rise in Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) for the poorest Australians in retirement – something that is certainly much needed for those in the highest demand areas.  We will also be watching with interest when Victoria goes to the polls this month, and whether the CHIA’s evidence-based recommendation for an additional 3,000 social housing properties to be built per annum will be supported.  The CHIA is calling on party leaders to commit to building the equivalent of one new town the size of Whittlesea (VIC) every 10 years.  Let’s hope it happens!  If you would like to sign the petition in support of the CHIA, click here.

Finally, BloomingHR is pleased to announce our Community Sector Salary Survey.  We will be calling for data in the second part of 2019.  I constantly get asked for this intel from HR, Boards and management.  The sector is crying out for more sophisticated information.  As the competition heats up for talent, so will salaries and benefits!  Our survey will include information on other cash and non cash benefits such as additional leave, paid parental leave, parking and bonuses.  I can’t wait to analyse and share this information.

Hope you all have a great month.  The full newsletter can be viewed here.

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